~Way To Go!~

There is a VIDEO of a bus monitor being harassed on the internet. I'm speechless after watching the main video.** If you watch the video, it is full of vulgar language.** How sad to know children are not being taught to respect others, especially their elders. In the main video, you hear slandering comments, sexual harassing comments and even threats.

Way to go parents of these particular children! You are now seeing how your children are going to treat you when you are older. You will be bullied, you will be harassed and you may even be harmed. You have no one to blame for this but yourself. You can't blame the school system, the government or anyone else, but the blame falls in your lap. 

There is also this VIDEO of the lady being interviewed; what a merciful person she is. I honestly don't believe I would be so merciful, I know I would not if this was my mom or dad.

Way to go parents! You must really be proud of these fine upstanding citizens you're raising. You just receive my first ever Careless Parenting award!

This behavior just shows how much trouble are nation is in. I can't even imagine how worse it is going to get, if something does not change.


  1. Another reason to pray for our country. We're heading for a great disaster in all areas.

    1. Sharon, You are so right. I pray the Lord returns soon.