Did You Miss Me?

I am so happy our internet was hooked up yesterday evening. I've been thinking about all the thoughts that have been rolling around that I wanted to write about and now that the internet is on, the thoughts have stopped rolling. Yep, I should have been taking notes on everything, but you know how it goes.

Believe it or not, there is not much snow around. We've had a about a total of 6 inches since we've been here and most of it  melted last week. We woke up to another dusting on Tuesday morning; you never know what you'll wake up to here in the mornings.

Here's a picture of our trip home from Miles City on Saturday.  The scenery in both directions is beautiful. I giggle when my husband reminds me of a comment a friend of his said about not much to see in this area. Really? I still get excited when I see this~

                                     As Phil Robertson says, I'm "HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY".

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