Heart Stopping Storage - The Grease Can

Don’t clog your kitchen drain or risk a greasy mess in the trash can. Save your nasty grease, freeze it, and toss it when it is full.

Catchy title, huh? I couldn't decide on what to call this post. Everything went through my mind from "the grease pit", "the grease pot", "don't clog the plumbing" and then it hit me; "heart stopping storage". BIG CHEESY GRIN

When I was a little girl, I remember my Maw Maw having a grease canister on her stove for her bacon grease. I really don’t remember my mother having one, but she more than likely had one and kept it somewhere.

Now days when you enter someone’s kitchen you almost never see a canister for grease. The last one I saw was about 4 years ago and it was scary! The owner of the kitchen used a mason jar and poured all of her grease in it and when she filled it up, the jar was tossed in the garbage. Just seeing the mess the jar was in, made me realize I would never eat her green beans because her bacon grease and other cooking grease was mixed up. I keep a mason jar in the refrigerator for all my bacon grease, so when I need some for green beans I have it ready. It stays hidden away in a cold place and is never seen by visitors; unless they are nosy.

There are times when I cook meat for hamburgers or fry okra and I have left over, gag me with a spoon kind of grease that is not meant to be used for anything else. Since it is not healthy for plumbing, you are not suppose to pour it down the drain, so what exactly are you suppose to do with it? Well, you can do like me... You can save it. Yes, you read that correctly.

 When I was trying to come up with a way to store the grease, I remembered the mason jar that was thrown away when it was full. Since I save my mason jars for reuse, I decided I wanted to use something that was already going to be tossed in the garbage when I was finished with it. I thought about the big cans of crushed tomatoes I buy for spaghetti sauce. These are the perfect size, I clean them out and store them just for this purpose.

While I’m cooking, I can pour the unusable grease into one of these large cans and I tuck it away in the freezer until I need to pour more grease in. Easy! The grease will freeze and it stays out of the way until you are ready to add to it. When the can is full all you have to do is throw it out on garbage day. Since we do not have curbside garbage service, I never put a full can in a bag until the day we take our garbage to the compactor. This helps in keeping the grease from thawing, spilling out and leaking into the garbage cans. What a mess that could be!


  1. your title sure made me wonder!
    Way back when our budget was just as tight as it could be, I saved bacon and hamburger grease, washed it, and then made soap out it. It was not fancy or even very nice, but we used that soap for bathing and laundry and it worked great.
    I don't recommend doing it unless it really is the only way a person could have soap.

  2. I have a coffee mug and we save our bacon greas in it and keep it in the fridge. I do use it when cooking other things but maybe only a spoon full. The cup never even gets half full so it really isnt a problem. I also remember the metal can that my Mother had ond it had a strainer insind at the top and it did say Grease or something on the front of the can.It was a silver color metal and she had S&P shakers that went with it. Ahhhhh the good old dayy huh?

  3. Well Lori if you don't have the easiest and most efficient way of getting rid of grease - I never thought about that idea - freezing it is so great. I now have a new method.
    Oh my grandma and mother used to save their bacon grease...out on the counter of all things - how unsanitary and gaggy! lol
    I save mine in a container in the freezer - but never thought to save 'throw away grease' there...

  4. I freeze my grease, too, in an old Cool Whip container. I've asked my husband to make a special custom-designed strainer that will fit in a large coffee can to make it easier to drain hamburger.

    I think my grandma used to save bacon grease in a brown crock jar just for that purpose. She kept it on her stove.

  5. I remember my mom keeping bacon grease. That is a good idea about keeping all your throw away grease in the freezer until full and on garbage day. :)


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