31 Days of Homemaking Series: What is Homemaking?

Welcome to the 31 Days of Homemaking Series! Today starts a fabulous 31 days of homemaking writing challenge. When I first heard about the challenge last year, it was too late for me to take it on, but I knew I wanted to do it. I penciled it on my blogging calendar and was quickly reminded of it when I received a newsletter in my inbox. So I got busy writing some wonderful encouragements, tips and recipes!

31 Days of Homemaking Series: DAY 1- What is homemaking? It's not just about cleaning, it's the atmosphere we create for our families to live in. frogslilypad.net

31 Days of Homemaking Series

Everything I will be writing about will be related to homemaking for the next month. You will find tips, recipes and a few how-to’s. Before I go on, my Thankful Thursdays link up will still be opened every week.Those of you who receive these posts by email, those Thursday posts will be longer than normal because two posts will be included.

What is Homemaking?

Homemaking is the art of making a house a home for our families. This includes cleaning, cooking, laundry, decorating, managing the household accounts, and the list goes on. I am one homemaker who does not manage the accounts. My husband is in charge of the checking account and paying the bills. This is his choice after I tried dealing with them and gave him several heart attacks over the years.

The heart of homemaking is not how magazine photo ready your home is, but the atmosphere we create in making our home a haven for our families to come home to from being out in the daily world.

I was reading not too long ago about the word homemaker and how many feel the word is something that they either can’t measure up to or is offensive. Well, no one is June Cleaver. In fact, she was not a real homemaker; everything she did was for show. Martha Stewart, please, she has people tending to her everyday affairs so she can look as if she has it all together. And as for the word being offensive because it is a throwback to days gone by when women “didn’t have a choice”. I have to disagree, many women in those days “didn’t have a choice” because they didn’t want anything else other than being at home caring for their families. They chose to be a homemaker.

Being a homemaker is an honorable title for anyone who is caring for the home no matter how imperfect we are.

I hope you'll join me every day this month as I share 31 Days of Homemaking. If you miss anything, you can always come back to this post and catch up on the links below. You can click on the button in the sidebar to bring you back here.  New links will be added here daily.

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