4 Ways to a Thankful Spirit

Did you know what we think about will affect whether or not we have a Thankful spirit? We live in the world where most everywhere we turn we are faced with negativity. If we allow ourselves to think on those things we will become negative. Being a Negative Nancy only pulls us down and leaves a bad impression on others. Instead of thinking on and stewing over negativity, replace it with good things; things that bring joy, happiness, and peace.

4 Ways to a Thankful Spirit a Thankful Thursdays Linkup at frogslilypad.net

Four ways to a Thankful Spirit

Ponder - Think about the good things in life. We have beautiful things to go on in our lives on a daily basis and we need to think on them. When we focus on the good, there is no room for the negative. Keeping a positive attitude helps in staying Thankful. (Philippians 4:8)

Share – Talking about the good things in life with others helps bring positive attitudes to those around us. Unsaved friends, family, and co-workers need to hear what God is doing for us. We may be the only Christian they will listen to when it comes to salvation. Other Christians WANT to hear what God is doing in our lives. Share it, don’t hide it.

Journal – Writing down the things we are thankful for helps us to see the good things around us. Wouldn’t it be a nice surprise for our children and grandchildren to one day read about the beautiful things God has done for us that we are thankful for? Reminding ourselves and others of those things helps keep us positive and helps create a Thankful spirit.

Praise – This one is going to be hard for some of us, me included. Praise God in everything, the bad too! When the property taxes almost triple, praise God, because it could be worse. When the water bill goes up, praise God the cost is not more than it is. We wake up with a sore throat, praise God because we could have woken up with no voice.

Removing negativity and replacing it with positive helps keep us in a Thankful spirit.

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