5 Pages from My Journal: the Book of Psalms

In the autumn of 2012, I started journaling what touched my heart while reading the Bible during my morning devotions. I began this for two reasons: I wanted a way to remember special nuggets I found and for my son and future generations to learn a little something about me through my thoughts on what stood out to me. Since all of my journals except for one are stored away, I’m sharing 5 pages from my journal from the book of Psalms.

5 Pages from My Journal: The Book of Psalms

5 Pages from My Journal: the Book of Psalms

From chapters 52-57: 

• The goodness of God endures forever.

• I will trust in the mercy of God forever.

• God is my Helper.

• Through everything have FAITH in God. He will HEAR when I call on Him.

• God is for me, His child, all I have to do is put my trust in Him.

• I will sing and give praise to God.

• The glory of the Lord will be exalted above the earth.

From chapters 68-70:

• Life here on earth is a TEMPORARY journey. It comes with a lot of hardships, but the Lord SEES and HEARS everything. He will lift me up and carry me through.

• The Lord hears my prayers. He knows my heart. He knows everything I do – NOTHING is hidden from God.

From chapters 77-78:

• God is good ALL the time! When I feel He is not listening, remember what He has done in the past.

• He hears and will give GRACE and MERCY at the right time.

• God can’t work in my life when I don’t live for Him.

• THINK on the PAST – God has done some amazing things for me. REMEMBER those things and teach them to Jamie and his future family.


From chapters 81-82:

• God LONGS to bless me and my family.

• How long will I judge others? – DON’T JUDGE!

• How long will I CONTINUE accepting sin?  Sin is disgusting in God’s eyes; I should see it the same way.

From chapter 89:

• There is NO ONE who can be compared to God.

• No matter what I do, God WILL ALWAYS love me. He will not let me go unpunished, but He will continue to be FAITHFUL.

There are too many wonderful encouragements and directions throughout the Bible for me to keep in my heart. I have found journaling my thoughts on them can be helpful in remembering. It’s nice to look back on these 5 pages from my journal to remember the things the Lord showed me while in a time of distress. Those little comforts were given at the perfect moment and I’m thankful to have a written record of them.

Do you journal your Bible reading?

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