A Change...

Something hit me the other day while I was working around the house. Since I have been able to stay at home, I have considered myself a Stay At Home - Homeschooling Mom. You know, I do stay at home. But that is not all that I do. The term "Stay at home," sounds just like that, nothing more. For me being at home means that I am able to work and make our house a "HOME." I don't have to go in detail of what makes a house a home or what goes into "keeping" the house.  I don't consider myself a Stay At Home Mom anymore. I am now a Homemaking Mom. I can't remember if I mentioned this in an earlier post. But I am one that likes to know what my possibilities are at my finger tips. So I began working on a Master Menu Idea list. I started this several years ago and had just a list of all of our family's favorite meals. Finally, after working everything out according to the seasons and types of food, I finished my Master Menu. You can find it HERE.

I have also been working on updating my daily routine. Just as soon as I can transfer it a PDF file, I'll get it up for you.

I'm going to go and enjoy this beautiful fall weather. Have a good afternoon.