~A Fragrance~

When I was a little girl, my Momma had a WISTERIA plant in our backyard. I loved it! The flowers reminded me of clusters of grapes. I never got to see wisteria in all its glory until our family moved to a small town. In some of the more wooded areas, you could see wisteria  blooming on underbrush and in trees all along the road side. It was like driving into a wall of purple. ~ Just beautiful! I finished a book not to long ago and it talked about how wisteria gave off a fragrance. It has been a while since I have been close to wisteria to actually remember a fragrance, that is until Sunday. Sunday evening we were out in the yard and I kept smelling something sweet. Before we went into the house for the evening, I looked up at an old oak tree in the woods to see what was scurrying around in its limbs, that's when I saw it~ beautiful purple flowers hanging amongst the branches. I knew then what I was smelling.

On Monday morning, I went out on the porch to check the brooder box and the chicks, and the wisteria smell had gotten stronger. I looked around and saw more of the beautiful flowers. This time, they were hanging right above my garden spot, in the bushes and trees that I was going to work on trimming back this week. ~ Well, that job has been postponed for a while.

Just one more little sign that spring is here!