A Friend Closer Than A Brother

I have a Friend who never leaves my side. He sticks with me even when no one else will. This Friend is closer than a brother or sister, and I am thankful for Him. That friend is Jesus. No matter what is going on in my life, I know Jesus is going to be right there with me through it all. While there are times when I feel lonely or forgotten about, I know I’m not alone or forgotten. When I need to talk to someone, He is always listening. I can tell Him things I don’t want others to know and He doesn’t tell it; those things stay between us.

I have a Friend who never leaves me. He is loyal, accepting, giving, attentive, and my Friend paid my sin debt. There is not another friend like him. Thankful Thursdays linkup 30 l frogslilypad.net

A Friend Who is Closer than a Brother

Something I’ve tried to teach my son about friends is it is better to have one or two good friends who know all the good and bad and still want to be with you than to have a bunch of friends who are fair-weathered. Friends who will encourage us to be the best we can be and are willing to give of themselves in the relationship.

My Friend is just that and more. God gave Jesus to die on the cross and bear my sin debt so I could spend eternity in Heaven with him. Jesus loves me just as I am even in my unlovable moments. He is loyal, accepting, sacrificial, and available. Anytime I need Him, I can call on Him and He will hear.

Today, I’m thankful for my Friend who sticks closer than a brother. Do you know my Jesus?

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