A Little Catching Up

Old man winter has returned to our neck of the woods. We had been enjoying the most beautiful spring like weather anyone from around here could wish for. I was able to open the windows and even the back door to let the afternoon sunshine in. It was wonderful! I even "neener, neener, neered" a few family and friends on Saturday with temperatures warmer than those back in Georgia.  They say, all good things must come to an end, and well the warm weather did just that yesterday. Sunday started out like the other days, warm and sunny. We even opened the back door and some of the windows. Yesterday afternoon the temperatures started to drop. Around 6:30 the snow started falling. I did get up and look out the window around 3:30 this morning and the moon was shining and the wind was blowing. My sweet husband worked last night, so I didn't sleep too soundly.

We finally got to see some of the real snow that falls in this area and not just the light dusting that gets deeper over time. Last night, I was a little surprise to open the back door and look out and find an inch of snow already on the ground after about 15 minutes.  This time the snow is a good, wet, snowball packing snow. Of course, with snow comes the colder temperatures although 20 degrees is not so bad, the windchill of -10 with 50 mph wind gusts makes it worse. So far we have about 4 inches of snow.  Yeah, the windchill makes it unbearable to be out and enjoy the snow.

The weatherman predicts we will get another 3 inches of snow by the end of the day. Then on Wednesday the temperatures will be back up near the 50's. :)  I'll believe it when I see it.

Here are a few pictures of our snow. The first two were taken last night when my husband was called out to plow, see the snow on the hood of the truck, that was after an hour of snowing. The rest I took this morning.


With the wind blowing, the snow is like walls of white blowing. This is one of the warnings that are out for drivers at the moment. Out on the highway those white walls are truly hazardous to drivers.


I also found snowflakes on the windows and in the window sills. I just love seeing snow hanging on the limbs of the trees. All the trees around here with low limbs have a good many touching the ground.


Last week, Jamie and I took a week off from school. It was a planned break and since we are ahead in all our subjects, I thought we should go ahead and take it.  I did some cleaning in the living room and cleaned out Jamie's closest. I was quite surprised at how he packs the bottom of his closest so well, you couldn't find buried treasure in the mess that we went through. He promised it wouldn't look like that anymore once we cleaned it, but I'm not holding my breath.

I also sewed a good bit. I made several bread bags out of some of the flour sack cloth I bought in town a couple of weeks ago. I love how they turned out. I also realized that it is time to take my sewing machine back in for servicing. Just the thought of putting more money into an inexpensive machine makes my skin crawl.  I'm thankful I have my grandmother's treadle sewing machine. I was able to use it on the last bag and I have to say, that bag looks so much better than the others. The top stitching on the flowered strip I put on the front of the bag is more beautiful compared to the other two. After doing a little sewing, I may just service my machine and use it for stitches that the treadle won't do. With the serger for finishing seams this may just work out. I'd love to be able to tell how the items I sew were done on the treadle. Who knows, my 100+ year old sewing machine may be sewing a lot more for me in the future.


Well, we are back to school this week. Since my husband is working tonight, we are doing school work this evening. It gives a little different twist to doing school work and we like it every once in a while.

I also wanted to add that I made some changes to my CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS recipe and added a picture. I made a pot the other day and was shocked at how good those dumplings turned out with the changes.

Also, I'll be writing about my Feverfew tea I took on Saturday for a migraine later this week. You don't want to miss that post, because I have learned so much about this special little herb.