A Little Peek

This week has flown by! School will be starting soon, sooner if I can get everything ready before Sunday evening.  Yeah, Jamie is not too thrilled about the idea of starting earlier than planned, but we have a two-week trip coming up in a few weeks, so working ahead of schedule will be a good idea.

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you. I am totally amazed at how my carrots are growing. Really! I am so amazed because in the past, I have never been able to get anything to grow below the stems.  The day, this picture was taken, I had thinned out a spot in the container and found these. I ate the biggest one in the front and we fed the others to Daisy and Snuffy. They enjoy treats from the garden.

I found a wonderful egg lady who doesn't live too far from us so we are able to get fresh eggs each Monday evening. Would you believe some of these eggs are almost as big as the palm of my hand?  I fried one for Jamie's sandwich today and he was amazed at all the white in the egg. He even loves "inspecting" them once I crack an egg. (I'm glad he is putting his poultry judging class to use.)   You know you are living out in the country, when the chickens are enjoying the green grass in the schoolyard. I love that! 

This week is the county fair. We are going tonight so we can see the open competition results. I wanted to enter a knitted project, but I could not get the correct size needles here in time. So, I'm going to wait and work on the project over the next year and hopefully, I'll be able to enter it next  August.

There is not a lot going on around here except for getting ready for our school year to start. I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.