~A Package~

Last month, I joined a prim swap. I was so excited about doing a swap, since it has been several years since I joined in on one. This was my first prim swap, so it was REALLY exciting!  Yesterday, my package came in the mail. We stopped at the mailbox when we pulled into the driveway and I watched Jamie as he went and pulled out all the mail. Yep, I forgot to go on Thursday until it was dark and since we have coyotes and foxes on the prowl, I just left the mail.The first thing he pulled out was a large envelope and I got all excited.

 When we came in the house, Jamie and I sat at the table oohed and awed over everything and enjoyed some very yummy fudge that was included in the package. It was like Christmas!

This is what my friend Nancy sent.

I took a picture of all the things that I sent to her, once she receives her package, I'll post a picture.  Nancy has been working on a Celebrity's Favorite Recipe Cookbook. You can see more about it on her selling BLOG.

I hope you all have had a good week and having a good weekend.