~A Step Forward~

I just noticed that I have reached 401 posts. I never thought when I started blogging that I would actually stick with it this long. I'm really surprised with myself. A lot has gone on since that January morning in 2008.

When I think about the next step that I am going to be taking as a Working Mom again, it makes me a little sad. Sad to know that I will not be at home full time any longer. Sad to know that I will not be able to spend several hours during the day baking,sewing, knitting or surfing the web. Sad to know that my little house will not be  as clean and organized as I like. Sad to know that I will not be as rested, refreshed, relaxed, composed, and  together as I have been while at home these past 5 years. (Honestly, there have been rough days.)

For some reason, the Lord has allowed me to return to the classroom. I do have a couple of ideas of  maybe why. One is to teach the young people about missions and how to pray for missionaries that they know and will meet. To share my love and concerns for missions. Who knows, the next great David Livingstone or Amy Carmichael may be sitting in one of those classes. The other is because we are eventually going to start a Christian School and umbrella school for homeschoolers when we get back to Montana. Most of the individual states have a Christian School Association while a few do not but have member schools through the AACS. Montana has neither. I will be back in the school, learning all the new things that are required for a school to function through the help of my dear friend, the administrator.

Monkey is old enough, I think he will be fine with the transition. Although, I am a little worried about him and all the "unnecessary" work that is handed out in schools all across this country. As you all know there is a lot of "busy" work that is given, just so the students will stay occupied just to fill in the gaps of time.  I know that many teachers will not admit to this, but I will.

I will be at the school working some next week, but then the week of the 16th I will be in school for a week of pre-planning and then school starts on the 23rd.  This means that my days of posting will become fewer. As I continue on, maybe I'll be able to post more after I get situated.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I'll be busy hemming a new skirt and sewing another, so I'll have some clothes for school.