A Sweater and an Answer to Prayer

I finally finished the baby sweater that I have been working on. I can't believe how easy it was. I remember how horrible I felt when I spent all that money on this ball of yarn and knowing that I REALLY DID NOT have that much experience. I have to tell you that the Lord knitted this sweater for me. Tuesday afternoon when I was finishing up, I was at a point in the project that I had no clue on what to do.  I prayed and asked the Lord to help me find a video on the internet so I learn. I found one. So I worked the "mattress stitch" and sewed up all the seams. Then I came to the very last thing and that was knitting the band around the front and the neck of the sweater. After looking for another video, which I found, I had to pray.  I'm not good at math and I had to use it to try and figure out how many stitches were going to  be needed to be  picked up to knit the band on.  I remember praying and telling the Lord, that I can't do this. But that He could. I worked on the band until 1:30 Wednesday morning.


Would you believe it, if I tell you that when I unrolled the yarn, I did not find the cute little duck buttons? Well, I did not find the buttons. I was so disappointed.  Just my luck! (I don't believe in luck) Well, I'll be going to find some other cute little boy buttons for this sweater.  Here is the finished project.  This is not the best picture, since there was no sun today, I had to rely on the flash in a dark room.