Am I Over-Protective?

I took my son to the doctor this morning. He has a major sinus infection. Anyway... While I was there, I noticed that the twenty something moms were there dressed like it was in the 60's and so were their precious babies. Now mind you that it has been in the 30's here all morning.

I'm shocked...Do these moms not know went to bundle up their little bundle of joy? Do they not realize that their children get sick due to not staying warm and out of the wind?

Maybe I'm just over protective. I remember when Monkey was a baby during the winter. He stayed bundled up until we got in the car and when we went into a building. He was decked out with hat, gloves shoes/boots and blanket.He looked like Ralphie's little brother from The Christmas Story. He was never sick.

There was this most beautiful little girl who came in this morning. All she had on was a pair of footed pajamas and a thin hat. I know she had to be cold. I heard her mom tell another mom about how she is having to come back again, because she can't get over her cold. This other mom was saying the same thing with her son sitting in her lap and his nose running all over the place. He was dressed with a "hoodie" and no socks on. Both of these moms were so clueless about how to keep their children bundled up and warm. But of course, they were not dressed warmly themselves.

My Mom was always telling me to make sure Monkey was bundled when the weather started getting cooler. She still worries that we get cold, if we don't have on a jacket.

To this day, I still worry about Monkey getting cold. He thinks I'm nuts when I tell him to put on a jacket. Sometimes those times are when a jacket is really not needed. But I guess I'm over protective.


Are mothers not teaching their daughters how to be mothers and take care of their children?

I really don't think I'm all that over protective.