Be Still and Know God

Everywhere we look we’re hearing more and more about efficiency. Businesses hire experts to audit daily operations so they can produce a speedier production. More efficient = more work = more profit. Appliance manufacturers are always introducing the next best thing to help save busy people time. Efficient appliances are supposed to be saving energy, water, and time, but do they work as well as the older appliances? Not according to the loud humming coming from a 1940’s refrigerator I saw on Saturday while at an antique store with my husband. Before the 45-year-old washing machine I had died, it washed better than the new high efficiency machine we bought right before we moved.

Frog's Lilypad: Be Still and Know God

Be Still and Know God

Speed has disadvantages. For me, I find hand washing dishes to be more efficient getting the grime off utensils and cookware. Another thing, our water bill is not as high as when we run the washer.

Our world seems smaller now days with fast travel technology that gets us to our destination in a few short hours. At one time goodbyes were thought to be final when a family climbed aboard a wagon to set out across the plains in hopes for a new life. At least those family members were on the same continent and in the same country. Many gave a final goodbye knowing they would never see their loved ones again when they walked upon a ship to cross the ocean.

Most of us live in areas where life is speeding past us. Some are in concrete jungles with steel monsters reaching up to the clouds. Have you stopped to consider the quietness of nature? Away from the busy thoroughfares of life, there is stillness. Fields and forests are quietly waiting for the warmth of the sun and the watery goodness of the rain. A stillness that is growing things.

Quietness is the opposite of noise. It lacks excitement, haste, and confusion. We can find peace and encouragement in the quietness if we just be still. There is so much God wants to show us, but we don’t allow Him. We won’t step out of our efficient life and step into the quiet and slowness we find only in the Lord.

Even Jesus left His ministry to be alone with God. (Matthew 14:23, Mark 1:35, Luke 6:12) When we are willing to slow down and be still, great things are shown to us. Great things that can grow within us.

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