Five Cheap Alternatives to High Priced Paid Services

I love sharing frugal ideas that we do to save us money because just like you, I love learning new ways to pocket extra money.   Many of us are more frugal than others because we simply sacrifice things others have not been brave enough to do, yet. Becoming more frugal is not an overnight process, Lord help us if it was. Being frugal is a lifestyle, it is something you decide to do and work to achieve a little at a time. Today, I want to share with you Five Cheap Alternatives to High Priced Paid Services. Making a change in one of these areas is a step closer to being more frugal with extra money in your pocket.

Five Cheap Alternatives to High Priced Paid Services: TV, Movies, Haircuts, Phone, and Magazines becoming more frugal one step at a time with extra money in your pocket.

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Five Cheap Alternatives to High Priced Paid Services

Cable/Satellite:Roku Box (highly recommend). If buying a Roku is not in the budget at the moment. Hulu Plus and Netflix can be played on your laptop and game consoles. Purchasing an HDMI wire and connecting your computer to your TV is an awesome way to go until the budget allows for a Roku box or some other device. (we did this before we bought our box)

Movie Subscriptions: Amazon Prime Video - you have a choice to either rent or purchase movies. We recently purchased a movie because after watching it three times it was paid for and we don’t have to store any Blue Ray or DVD discs. Of course, if you are Prime Member then you have access to many free movies. Crackle(free), Hulu Plus, and Netflix – we dropped Netflix because we had rather watch newer tv programs. Many new shows are aired the very next day, we like that! The Public Library – has many movies and family shows just waiting to be checked out.

Haircuts: Learn to cut your own hair. There are tons of Youtube videos on how to cut hair. Find a friend who cuts their family’s hair and have them cut your hair. My husband and son have a friend cut their hair. As soon as I have the money put aside for clippers, he is going to teach me how to cut their hair. Before we moved, I always went to our local cosmetology school for haircuts and always very happy with the outcome. My hair has been professionally cut one time since we moved here. I finally found where a cosmetology school is located and I can’t wait to give them a try.

Magazines: I’m not a big buyer on magazines, although, I do have one favorite. Shopping around for the best deal can be a drag, I normally go through EBATES to buy magazines. I get a good deal on the subscription and I get money back for making a purchase. It’s a win-win!

Phone Service: Paying for both landline and cell phone is crazy! If you’re not comfortable with letting go of the landline altogether, cancel your long distance and use your cell phone. My parents have done this to save money and they are very happy. Verizon Wireless Home is an inexpensive option that has unlimited local and long distance. Three months in and we are still happy with this choice.

While these are just 5 areas to help you in becoming more frugal and saving money, there are tons of ways to pocket a little more money every day.

What are some ways you save money?