Created for a Purpose

The women found in the Bible have a story to tell. It's important for use to listen to their story because we can learn much from them. Eve, the first woman to ever be created by the hands of God had a purpose just like you and me.

Created for a Purpose

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I read through the book All the Women of the Bible by Edith Deen. Inside this little gem you will find all the women who are mentioned whether by name or by an association of an event going on in the Bible. I came across this book sitting on the bookshelf at my parent’s house, it belonged to my grandparents originally. After flipping through the pages, I quietly slipped it into my things, hoping no one would ever ask about it. So far, so good!

Created for a Purpose

Several months ago, I started journaling some ideas that really stood out to me while reading. The first chapter is all about Eve. Have you ever wondered what she must have looked like? To be personally created by God's hand, formed from Adam's rib. To have perfect hair, skin and the perfect figure (I think most of us would be surprised by what God considers the perfect body). She was a perfect, sinless being. She must have been amazing!

Eve was created for a purpose. She was meant to be Adam's helper and completeness (Genesis 2:18). I love this thought that is found in this chapter."The real essence of the story is that man and woman were made for each other, that woman is bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh, therefore they are not all that God intended them to be until they are together." There's nothing more to say about it, it speaks for itself.

Marriage is a divine institution; God intended for it to be holy and pure. Marriage was and still is intended for one man and one woman only. Eve was created to be an equal, not a doormat for Adam. She was not to be the head of the household, but submissive to the head, her husband.

Knowing how Eve was close to the Lord and that she spent time with Him in the Garden of Eden on a daily basis is a little hard to understand how she was easily tempted. But she was and made a ghastly mistake; she chose to eat of the fruit and encouraged Adam to partake of it. Of course, her sin had a lasting consequence on all people.

Thankfully, we have a Heavenly Father who is FORGIVING, GRACE GIVING, MERCIFUL, and LOVING.  A Heavenly Father who is willing to send his ONLY Son to earth to take the place of our sin.

Just like Eve, you and I have been Created for a Purpose.

created for a purpose