~Curriculum Dumbfoundness~

I'm going to post pone my Thankful Thursday until next week. Yesterday, I was skimming through some blogs that are owned by Montanans. I ran a cross one that had a post about the new curriculum that the state of Montana is voting on for their S*x Education classes. She was concerned, but not as much as I would be. I was a little dumbfounded to read what they are wanting to teach the young children of that state.   I wish I would have bookmarked that blog, but you can read about this HERE.

After seeing it again this morning on Facebook from a friend, I looked at it again. I realized that I had not totally gotten over the dumbfoundness from yesterday.

I know our public school system is in a downward spiral and has been for many years. Look at what it is producing. Look at the mess this next generation is, that is coming up in the government controlled schools. Don't get me wrong,there are some really good people teaching and working in these schools, but not many. My son went to 2 public schools in our area for the first half of 2 years. The first time, we had a group of staff members that were Christians and "leaked" in the Bible. The second year, was on the opposite end of what I expected. In fact, it was as if the county put all the Bible haters on staff in this one school. Ugh!

If I was a parent in Montana and was looking for a reason to yank my kid out of their school system. THIS WOULD BE IT!!!!

We are to be teaching our own children about s*x and how God created it for 1 MAN and 1 WOMAN and in THEIR  marriage bed only. It is such a horrible shame on our society to see such a gross, unnatural kind of trash that is being proposed to be taught to innocent minds, eyes and ears.

This garbage, if passed will start in kindergarten and move right on up the ladder until your sixth grader knows more about the types and ways of s*x. I'm almost sure, they will be more knowledgeable on this filth than most parents.

Being on deputation to plant churches in Montana we are asked all the time, "Why Montana?" In short, this is one of the many reasons why we are going.

There is not enough true Bible believing churches in Montana as it is. Among that few, there are not enough with a pastor who has a back bone to stand up and say, "We are not going to take this anymore!" These men should be encouraging their flock to refuse this type of garbage and to find another means to educate their children.

My husband told me about a new "type" of AFFECTION that teens are showing to each other. I was floored! If someone did this to me. They would be picking themselves up off the floor while spitting out all their teeth. If the parents of America do not stand up and take back what is rightly theirs, we are going to have generations far worse than the generation of the hippies.