The Daysman (An Arbitrator)

When I read about Job, I want to say, oh, poor man. He lived through some mighty hard times in his life and yet, he never gave up on living for God. He lived before Christ came and because of that, Job did not have Him interceding for him during the time he was dealing with all the events that came into his life. God was with him, though, but Job knew he needed a DAYSMAN standing in the middle for him.

The Daysman {An Arbitrator} Job recognized a need for someone to stand on his behalf with God. With Jesus Christ, we have The Daysman arbitrating on our behalf.

The Daysman

Job knew God’s righteous judgment in dealing with man. He knew he was a lowly sinner, he never tried to claim perfection when accusations were thrown his way. Job also knew he could not defend himself before God and that he was in need of someone to stand for him and defend his case. Job recognized the need of the Daysman.

Thankfully, we live in a time where we do have The Daysman interceding for us. Jesus is standing with one hand on us and the other on the throne of God presenting our case and without Him, we would be just like Job or worse.

Thank God, we have Jesus who bore our sins and paid the debt so that He could open the door for us to approach Him and know we are forgiven of our sins and can fellowship with Him. We have the Daysman working on our behalf.

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