~ Don't Know What to Call It!~

The title sums up the post! :) I hope all you Mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day. I did. My husband and son surprised me with  breakfast, flowers and 2 sets of Fiesta dishes. These were two of the colors that I had chosen sometime ago. The really neat thing about these, my husband found them at the mall while they were on SALE! A BOGO sell ~ how neat is that!

Well, I've been super busy going through everything again while unpacking. I now have two  HUGE piles of things that are either on Ebay or are going to the flea market to sell on Saturday.

I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather. I am and I'm enjoying hearing the many sounds of the country while out hanging my laundry on the line. I heard a turkey gobbling today along with a whippoorwill last night, and several doves cooing and other little critters scratching in the leaves in the woods.  Talking about a clothes line. My husband had put a temporary line up for me and today my Dad brought my posts and wire. So I was able to hang 3 loads out this afternoon. Hopefully, I can get one more out.

Here's a not so very good picture. I was not feeling too well on Sunday and you can tell in my face.