Favorite School Supply - PENS

Yesterday we started our 4th week of school. How can that be already? Before you know it, it will be Christmas break and I’m not even ready to think about that. In honor of our 4th week of school, I wanted to share with you, my MOST favorite school supply ever!

We all have our favorite school supply we buy every year. Mine are pens. I LOVE pens, Paper Mate Ink Joy pens are my favorite. Full of fun colors. l frogslilypad.net

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School shopping for us is not like many other families. In fact, I don’t buy anything unless it is something I know we have to have, like spiral notebooks, pens, pencils, paper clips, and posted notes. There are some years, I don't buy anything.

Years ago, I stopped buying wooden pencils and moved on to the mechanical penciles Even when Jamie was still in lower elementary grades, he learned (quickly) how to use those wonderful non-sharpening pencils.

I can’t help but feel pity for those classroom teachers who are faced with a bazillion wooden pencils on the first day of school. Half of those pencils are not a good quality and end up becoming breakfast, lunch and supper for a pencil sharpener all in one day. ** Parents, please for the sake of your child’s teacher, if you want them to like you, DO NOT send dollar store pencils or those that have a cute papery printed image on them. A good quality wooden pencil like the ones from Dixon Ticonderoga, they last longer than a day or two - trust me, I know because I experienced the dreaded chewing up of cheap pencils for 12 years.

While I love writing with a pencil, pencils are not my favorite school supply to buy. Pens are, and not just any pen, but the Paper Mate Ink Joy pens. The first time I wrote with one was at the lawyer’s office when we rented our house and then again when we closed on it. I almost kept the lawyer’s pen because I loved it so much. What a keen eye our lawyer had, because she wrote down the type of pen it was, so I could get my own. She liked her pen!

favorite school supplies

Last year, I bought clickable pens . I like retractable pens, but I don’t like to find a pen that has been left open in the pen holder to collect bits of dust. Yeah, that just ruins my doodling artwork. These pens have been known to find themselves anywhere throughout our house and several are in my purse.


This year, I didn’t see the clickable pens, but I did find the pens with caps . I think I like these a lot better. With these, I won’t be finding the rubber grip removed and folded inside out and put back on the pen like I did with the retractable pens. I have no clue who would do such a thing! Who am I kidding, I do.

Whichever pen I use, I find it writes beautifully every time even on the first writing or doodling project. The ink is pretty cool, after year, all the pens that can be found are still writing beautifully and the ink is still a nice “ball point pen” ink - no chunky junk.

Do you have favorite school supply to buy?