Glacier National Park Part 2

I am still amazed that we were able to visit such a beautiful area. I hope you enjoy this next round of pictures.

A look at Glacier national park - part 2

If you missed the first part of our trip to Glacier, you can find it HERE.

Wild flowers were in bloom ~everywhere! The white round flower is beargrass.


Something from the world of Dr. Seuss and The Lorax!


 Yep, he is tall enough to rest his chin on my head. Boy, do I feel short!


People who truly know our family know this is how we really feel about amusement parks.


I heart moose! We even saw one on the way from East Glacier into the village of St. Mary.


I caught a picture of my husband doing what he loves.


Breath-taking view~

The above picture and the panorama was taken in the same area. My husband walked up a muddy hill while I stayed on the road.


There is a reason why the main road through the park has a name. While driving up the road you are literally driving what seems like into the sky towards the sun.  A beautiful drive!


Logan Pass


We did a little bit of hiking at Logan Pass. We quickly learned Jamie has a fear of heights. Who knew? I mean really, this boy will get on the back of a bull, but heights, he can't stomach. Right past the rocks there on the edge ~ HUGE cliff! 


Just one of the many glaciers in the park. Bad lighting, I know.I snapped this when I took the above photo in the same spot.


While in the park, we saw a grizzly bear run down the hill across the road and continued running. We also saw big horn sheep, but they were so far up the glacier we really weren't able to get a clear picture. Then, there was this little momma mountain goat and her baby at a pull off.


See the heart? Jamie pointed it out first.


I hope you are having a good weekend.