Goals Revisited for 2015

When I shared my Goals for 2015 in January, I was excited because they were REAL goals for REAL things I wanted to do. They were goals I knew I could work on without feeling like a failure if they didn’t come together quickly. In March, I shared an update on those goals and I shared a little in July, but then I didn’t write about them anymore. Since this is the 30th of December, I figured it was time to share what has happened with my Goals for 2015.

Goals Revisited: A look back at this year's goals and how they came along. frogslilypad.net

Goals Revisited

Continental Knitting – This year, I have said to myself several times, “I wish the lady in Hobby Lobby would have been a continental knitter.” I can’t help but think back to that day in 2005 when I decided I wanted to learn to knit. The lady showed me how she held the yarn and, of course, she was an English knitter. Everything I’ve knitted this year, I have been determined to work the yarn in Continental. I’ve been doing well with it, but I’ve come to decide when binding off if I need to switch over to my right hand IT WILL BE OKAY. The world is not going to end if I need to use my right hand to work the yarn.


Bread Making – Well, I’m determined one day I will make a perfect loaf of sandwich bread, but at the moment, that day has not arrived. I’ve tried several recipes since the summer with no luck. I’ve made a couple of changes in the process of making the dough which has helped: weighing the ingredients, setting the timer and not guessing at the kneading time. I have two more recipes I want to try within the next week, no matter what at least we have had some tasty toast these past few months.


Quilting – 1152 squares! That is what I’ve been sewing together since I’ve started this endeavor. Those little 2 and half inch squares are making 72 8 inch blocks. At the moment, I have 9 more blocks to piece together and I will be finished with them. I’m hoping I will have them finished before the end of the year. :) My sister and I were on the phone last week calculating the yardage for sashing and backing. I have a feeling I will end up going a cheaper route for the backing since I will need about 9 yards if I can’t find quilt backing that I like and I refuse to allow this quilt to cost me more than $200.


As you can see, I’ve been working on my goals and while they are not “completed” they are still being achieved and I’m happy with that.