Grocery Savings

Over the weekend, I did our grocery shopping. I spent a lot more money this weekend but I was able to stock up on many items and still saved a bundle. I should not have to buy any groceries except for milk, eggs and the like until the end of the month. Hopefully, not until the second week of April, but we will see. My first stop was at Publix ~They have had a HUGE Buy one Get one Free sale. ~ I took advantage of it.

I spent $47.97 with a savings of $45.66 with the sale and 3 coupons

My next stop was to Kroger~ They had their milk on sale. I splurged on the chocolate milk. They have have the best chocolate milk other than Mayfield.  Yum Yum!!!

I spent $12.47 with a savings of $4.04 with the sale and a coupon.

That is all for the pictures. I had way too many items after this to put away to try and get pictures of everything.

My next stop was to Ingles ~

2 cans Tomato Sauce     2 bottles Oil     4 boxes Margarine (I know what you’re thinking, I could not beat 50 cents a box.)

1 tub Sour Cream 

1 bag Tator Tots  

 2 tubes Frozen Corn (church dinner)

5 boxes Pizza Bites(splurge)  

2 boxes Ice Cream (splurge)

I spent $23.77 with a savings of $15.53 with the sale and 1 coupon

Next up Wal-Mart ~

1 Deodorant     1 Body Wash     1 Saltine Crackers     2 Country Gravy Mixes      1 Tortillas

1 Salsa       1 jar Chicken Bouillon          1 Enchilada Sauce             2 Hot Dog Buns

2 Hamburger Buns       2 loaves Bread

I spent $24.11 with a savings of $4.85 with 8 coupons Last stop  Quality Foods ~  *** There are many people who would rather die than shop this store. I love it! It is the oldest independently owned store in the area. You would not believe the prices on meat (they cut and package their meat) and produce at this store.  I’ll give the prices on them to show you. The chicken and pork chops were both divided into 3 bags a piece and frozen. I have enough meat for 6 days. 15 pound bag Potatoes $2.99    1 package Chicken Breast $4.92

1 package boneless Pork Chops $5.07     2 packages Bacon     2 rolls Sausage

2 packages Lunch Meat   4 packs Hot Dogs (59 cents each)   1 package pepperoni

1  2lb bag frozen Corn         1  2lb bag frozen Mixed Veggies     2 boxes Cereal

I spent $39.87 with a savings of $10.30 with the sale and 1 coupon

I know some are probably thinking WOW! she really spent a lot of money. Well, yes I did! But I don’t buy groceries often, so I stock up when I do buy. Now, if you have lost count on how much I spent and saved, here are the grand totals…

Total Spent  $148.19 with a total savings of  $80.38

After looking back through my book, I am right on target for my once a month shopping we did while in Montana.