~Hoarding No More~

I wanted to show a few pictures from this week and last weekend's junior rodeo. IMG_6858 1

Do you remember this photo from last week? I sure do! Looking at the photo makes me think of the show Hoarders. First, I am not a hoarder. Secondly, I am not a hoarder. Thirdly, I AM NOT A HOARDER; just a little sentimental over cutesy papers my son created when he was little.

I spent Monday and Tuesday going through that pile of folders and notebooks and now I have a HUGE garbage bag of papers waiting to be taken to the garbage drop off in the morning. I even went through Jamie's K4 notebook and threw out a bunch of stuff. I had to have him help me, because I just couldn't choose to throw away some of the cute art projects that he made. Funny, he had a hard time with that too!  I am so glad  it is over with and now I can look on into summer without knowing I have that horrible task to complete.

Here is what is left of that pile ~

Shocking, I know!

Here are a few pictures of last weekend's junior rodeo. We were so proud of Jamie! In chute dogging (steer wrestling), he won first place with a 10.2 second throw and came home with a first place check, which went into his savings account. **This was his first throw in about 8 months, he chose not to chute dog in April. He was checking out his competition.**


Here he is on his steer. I felt like throwing a dirt clod at the man in this photo. I took pictures for my husband, while he was in  the chute helping Jamie with his rope.  In every picture I took for him, this guy was in every one; RIGHT. IN. THE. MIDDLE! Jamie did well on his ride, he didn't cover the bull (a full 6 seconds) but he did get out into the arena which was exciting.

I'm sure you have noticed my watermark on my pictures. I made it adjustable so I could decide on how I want to place it on my pictures.  That's why it looks different in all the pictures that I've posted since making it. I made it using Photoshop Elements 9, just as soon as I can write out how I did it, I'll post a tutorial on how. ~ Hopefully!  Photoshop Elements is not cheap and it takes time to learn it; so if you are like me and want something quick and easy for everyday pictures, don't spend your money on it.  I have one other editing software that anyone can get their hands on because it is free and I'm working on a tutorial for it.

My weekend consist of laundry, grocery shopping, thrift store shopping and blueberry and blackberry picking.  Have a good weekend!

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