The Holy One of God

One day, every tongue will profess Jesus is the Holy One of God. For many, that day professing Jesus will be easy, but for others it will be difficult. Jesus and His teachings affected people in different ways in the New Testament. For many there was healing, love and compassion, the power of bringing a loved one back to life, and the casting out of demons. Then there were those who did not like Jesus, who He claimed to be, and His teaching was not what they wanted to hear.

Frog's Lilypad: The Holy One of God - One day, every tongue will profess Jesus is the Holy One of God.

The Holy One Of God

At Capernaum, Jesus entered the synagogue and taught. His teaching was not like that of others; it showed authority. (Mark 1:22) While many were amazed at Jesus, there was one who became unnerved by His presence. So much so, he called Jesus by name wanting to be left alone and asked if He was going to destroy him. The demon that possessed this man knew Jesus and the power that filled Him. (Mark 1:23)

The words, I know Thee who thou art, the Holy One of God (Mark 1:24) shows this demon acknowledging Jesus as God the Son and professed it. This demon also knew of its destruction and what will happen one day to Satan and his followers.

While Satan and his demons have power, Jesus can hinder them; stop them from speaking and cast them out. Hold thy peace, and come out of him. (Mark 1:25) Jesus showed His authority and power while casting out the demon. (Mark 1:27)

Jesus taught with authority and He demonstrated (performed miracles) with authority; an authority we must not deny. For those who deny there is a God, a Jesus who died on the cross, and a Holy Spirit who was sent to be our Comforter, they too will one day profess Jesus is the Holy One of God.

May we set our thoughts upon Jesus and say during the day, "Thou Holy One of God, may we allow you to glorify Thyself through us."