I'm One Of Those Moms!

For the past couple of weeks, I've seen a question or statement on the internet regarding doing school work during the summer months.  Early in the year, I was contemplating on possibly starting year round school this summer, but once I came to my senses ( I was caffeine deprived) I decided to continue doing school the traditional way ~ taking June and July off and starting back in August. I honestly would miss my night owl moments and once my husband is off to work, sleeping to catch up on missed snoozes.

So to answer the question do you do school work during the summer? Absolutely not!  ...not really.  There is no formal education, other than reading going on during the two months off but there are life experiences that are worked on here during the summer and that makes up our learning.

So I am one of those moms.

 I am one who believes that my son does better with  two and half months off (we finished up the year the second week of May). We love our summertime break. We love the laid back atmosphere on these sweltering days. If we choose to watch a movie on Netflix, we jump at the chance.  I will say this, if my son was behind in something, then we would work on it. I would not allow him to move on in the fall without some refreshing moments during the summer.

But I'm also one of those moms who believes there are learning opportunities in everything that is worked on around our home; not just school books. These opportunities range from mowing and weed eating the lawn, washing clothes and hanging them on the line, preparing simple meals, sewing buttons on a garment to cleaning the toilet just to name a few. My son does all the up keep on the lawn, he washes his own clothes and hangs them on the line, he can prepare simple meals. He has had the opportunity to learn to clean the toilet and today he will be working on sewing a couple of buttons on one of his rodeo shirts.

I honestly believe all children, boys included need to learn to care for a home. Boys should not be taught that cleaning is a girls job. I always think about the future when it comes to something my son learns. Is it going to benefit him later on? You bet! Everyone needs to know how to sew a button on and keep a bathroom clean.  There are a lot of bachelors in the world that have had learned how to care for their homes. I'm almost positive there are those whose mothers make a weekly visit to do the cleaning for them.

I also think about what if something happened to me. Are my husband and son going to know how to keep the cleaning going or the laundry? I would hate to know that I was laid up in bed for weeks and have to face a mountain of laundry or a moldy bathroom. Are the dusty bunnies going to move out from under the beds and sofa and take over the house? No one is going to clean like me. No one is going to see the dust in the corner like I would. But I do know if something happened to me, my home would not be completely over run with dust bunnies and our bathroom would not turn brown.

So, yes there is learning going on in our home during the summer months.

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