It's Back On...

As of this afternoon, our family is back on deputation.  I am so excited, but then I'm nervous. I guess after having to put our deputation on hold for 4 months, I have gotten used to a normal home life.  I have tried not to mention this situation for fear of Satan working. With our former Pastor resigning, we were not able to present our work without a Pastor's recommendation.  So our mission board suggested us to wait and help out our church whenever and where ever necessary. Well... While helping out, we were asked to  prayerfully consider candidating for the Pastoral position. After praying we decided to go ahead with being a candidate. To make an extremely long story short ~ Last Sunday night, when we left our church after my husband preached, the Lord showed us that He wants us to be in Montana. We have a heart for the people of this great state.  They need to hear about the Lord and His great Love for them.  So this week, we prayed that the people in our church would vote the man in, that the Lord would have for them - and they did.

I'm sure many people, especially those of you from the south will have a hard time to imagine this... Montana only has about 150 ( a rough estimate) Baptist Churches for about 1 million people. Many of the cities and towns do not even have a church - of any kind. Those that do go to church will travel to the closest town that has a church. It is really sad to know, that here in Georgia, there is a church on just about every corner, when there are many towns and cities without even one in Montana.

We were able to be with some friends at their church tonight. We have been asked to come back on the 18th, for my husband to preach.

We have a missions conference that we will be at the rest of this week and one in November.