Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning Up the Heat {Day 5}

I don’t know about your area, but it is that time of year again here in Montana. I’ve had to close my windows at night and not open them again until after lunch. Only the kitchen windows are opened since they are facing the south and have the most heat from the sun coming in. Would you believe we have a chance of snow predicted the last week of this month? I love winter, snow, and colder temperatures, but I am not ready to crank up the heat – just yet. I'm sharing ways to keep warm without turning up the heat.

Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning Up the Heat and Save Money. Day 5 in the 31 Days of Homemaking Series. Today is about staying warm and saving money while trying not to burn up in heating costs. frogslilypad.net

Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning Up the Heat

This picture I shared on facebook just about sums it up for me. We (I) refuse to turn the heat on or up unless IT. IS. A. MUST. SITUATION. We deal with extremely dry skin and sinus problems because of the use of propane heat and we will make do until we can’t stand it any longer.

I’ll never forget my grandmother always dressed in layers when it was cold. She had gas heaters in every room of her house. During the cold months, some of the rooms were closed off and the heat turned way down to save on costs; something I wish we were able to do. My grandmother always wore dresses so in the winter she would have a sweater on under her apron and thick stockings. She always had a pair of shoes or slippers on to keep her feet warm.

Today, many don’t think anything about turning the heat up to stay warm. But for those of us who are conscience of the extra expense in heating a whole house, here are a few ways my family stays warm without turning up the heat.

Eight Ways to Keep Warm Without Turning Up the Heat

  • Dress in layers – you can always add or remove a piece of clothing if needed.

  • Wear long sleeves and long pants – it’s cooler temperature time for goodness sake, don’t dress like it is still summer.

  • Wear socks and/or slippers – keeping your feet warm helps keep your body warm.

  • Leave the oven open after use – don’t let that heat go to waste, use it.

  • Open curtains and blinds during the day and close them at night – the sun will heat up a room during the day, so open those curtains and blinds. At night, closed curtains block the cooler temperatures from the windows and keeps the warmth inside.

  • Use draft socks in and around windows and doors – these are a perfect way to keep those little drafts covered.

  • Extra blankets and flannel sheets – we keep the house cooler at night because we are all snuggled in under blankets, this helps us breathe better. My husband and I personally don’t use flannel sheets because of heat, but my son uses them, he says he stays toasty warm.

  • When watching TV or reading, snuggle under a blanket – there is something comforting about snuggling under a soft and cozy blanket for a little added warmth.

We have a very teeny, tiny  100 year old in town house. Would you believe we have no heat in the kitchen? Because of this, I keep my front hallway closed off. When the temperatures drop to around 0 or lower, I will hang a thin comforter type covering over the door. I made this the first year we were here. I bought a ratty looking used comforter at the thrift store and cut it down and recovered it with some pretty fabric.

These are just a few ways my family keeps warm without turning up the heat. Do you have any different ways of keeping warm while saving a little money? I’d love to hear them.

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