The King in His Beauty {Thankful Thursdays}

When we visited the Grand Canyon, I was speechless at the first peek of what God carved out of the earth with His hand. When we walked along the edge, all I could say was “oh my”. I found myself in the same speechless situation when we drove around the mountain and saw the majestic glaciers. Again, two words were all I could say when we walked into the open field of flowers seeing Saint Mary Lake flowing towards the glaciers. How I felt during those trips is unforgettable.  Experiencing such beauty, I can only imagine the speechlessness we will have when we see The King in His Beauty.

Frog's Lilypad: The King in His Beauty

The King in His Beauty

The Bible is filled with pictures of Jesus. Those pictures are not enough to grasp fully who He is and what He can do because there is so much about Him we have yet to experience. When we watch the sunrise, sunset, or the stars shoot across the nighttime sky we see more of our Jesus. But, there are those who refuse to believe God’s words spoke the beauty into existence. We’ve seen answered prayers when there seemed to be no hope, and we still tend to not keep our faith in Him. There will be a day when we look back on those times and the only thing we will be able to do is shake our head because of our disbelief.

Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty... Isaiah 33:17

For many, the thought of seeing The King in His Beauty stirs a longing in their heart for the day He returns for His children. To see Jesus in another form, we haven’t seen; to see Him reign in royal grandeur is indescribable. We can imagine what it must be like, but there are no words to describe what we will see. There will be awe and speechlessness and our eyes will see The King in His Beauty.

May we ask the Lord to reveal Himself to us and let us live in the expectation of seeing Him.

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