~Last Week Part 1~

Last week, we were in a missions conference. This was the first time in many years, a good many of our board's foreign field missionaries would be at home around the same time. So we were all able to come together and have a time of fellowship with a wonderful hosting church. I was more than a little nervous going. Our family were the "new" missionaries. I had only seen pictures and read newsletters of the other families, praying that one day we would be able to meet and learn more about their families. My wonderful husband, knowing my adversity (my meeting new people syndrome), never left my side. I will tell you this much, I prayed for strength and courage, like my life depended on it while riding to the church.

We missed Sunday morning and evening, due to having a meeting scheduled before hand. So Monday evening we meet all the other families that are serving the Lord through missions. Every family that still has school aged children ~ homeschool. I love that! There is that special something that connects moms who homeschool. Many of these moms did not know about some of the more homeschooler friendly curricula that is out in force now. So I was able to share some of the new things that we are using.

For the evening service our General Director Dr. Steve Harper preached a sermon on Moses, Paul and Jesus using Numbers 11:10-15, II Timothy 4:9 and Matthew 26:38

A few points that I wrote down are:

*No matter what Moses did, the people complained. When they were given what they wanted, the complained more. They were never satisfied. *God doesn't judge us according to our popularity. *God is concerned about our commitment and our usability.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting. We met with the board of directors (something that always unnerves me) and had a good meeting. After our meeting we were able to leave for a little while, so we decided to go to the sewing machine store that is an authorized dealer for Brother. What can I say, When it rains, it pours! On our way to the store, it began sprinkling. Just as my husband turned on the wipers ~ the bottom fell out of the clouds and the wipers DID NOT move. We looked at each other and shook our heads. After trying to get them to work, we had to pull over at a gas station and borrowed a screw driver to tighten up a screw that had come loose on the wiper arm. Well, the crazy wipers still did not work. So our next option was tying Monkey on the top of the van with a squeggee and let him do the wiping. (I'm just kidding! Although, it did cross our minds.) We ended up at an automotive parts store and bought a special screw driver for the wipers. Now we're ready, if they decide to stop working again. ~ They probably will, since this is the second time this has happened. I think a shot of Gorilla Glue on the screws might stop them from coming out. Oh well, I did not get to go to the sewing machine store since we had to be back at the church for supper.

During the even service the Vice President Dr. Alton Midgett, Jr. preached a sermon entitled "We love the Lord, but do we really love Him?" That's a good strong question.

Here are some thoughts:

*Do we love the Lord enough to tell those who will end up hating us or disliking us about Him? What about those neighbors or family members that treat us differently, because we are Christians? *Do we love the Lord enough to proclaim Him to the unknown lost? * Do we love the Lord enough to read the Bible and pray daily, tithe and support missions? *Do we love the Lord enough to die for Him? *If we love the Lord enough to die for Him, do we love Him enough to live for Him?

Just this morning in church, our Korean ministry Pastor mentioned some pastors over in Korea who are being killed for just saying the word "AMEN" in a public area. From what I could understand they are not allowed to gather together to worship  as a group, so they are going "underground" to worship. But then if they are out in public and are talking to each other about the Lord and they are over heard as saying something like "amen" they are being arrested and killed. What a very scary thing!  Something this pastor said that made me think, " Pray for me, so that I would have the courage to stand for the Lord and not be afraid to not deny the One True God. " He later said, "Right now, I really don't  think I have the courage to not deny the Lord. But I want that courage!"  What an amazing thing to ask prayer for

** To keep this from becoming a book, I'm going to continue in the next post.