~Last Week Part 2~

On Wednesday, we had an early meeting. The hosting church gave each of the missionary families a copy of the Word Search 9 software. A really neat program for searching the Bible and many, many commentaries, concordances, etc. While my husband was learning how to use the software, I spent time knitting on my sock. (yes, I'm still working on it.) After the software meeting and going over some of the paper work for the mission board. We finally made it to the sewing machine store. I was in my kind of store! I loved it. I was able to sit down and use the serger that I had been looking at over at Amazon.com. I found the walking foot for my sewing machine ~ quilting, here I come again!. I really enjoyed my window shopping. I can't wait for Christmas. I know what will be under the tree. During the evening service, the families on the foreign field sang "How Great Thou Art" in the language where they serve. We were able to hear French, Russian and Portuguese. What an amazing thing to hear!

When my husband and I went for our acceptance meeting in 2009, we met a Pastor whom I have wanted to hear preach since that day. When we got the email of the schedule, I was so excited to read the Dr. Frank Hackworth would be preaching!  If you ever get the chance to hear him preach you won't want to miss it.

The sermon was entitled "Customs." The subject that Dr. Hackwork spoke on, we have all heard many times before. But when he started preaching, my eyes were open to something that I have never seen before.  Here are a few thoughts that I learned:

John 18:38-40, 19:1,17-19,32, 20:5-7 ~

*The scourging of Jesus was a custom ~ The Romans were masters of torturing. It has been researched, that Jesus was probably tied to a pole about the circumference of a telephone pole. There were 2 men with a whip that the leather pieces had bone and glass embedded. These men focused on whipping the back midsection of Jesus. One side at a time.  When this whipping was finished, there would have been not much of anything to hold in the bowels of our Lord.

* The crown of thorns was a custom ~ This was another method of torture and humiliation. These thorns were not just any kind of thorn. (there is a picture of the "crown of thorns" at the bottom)

*The Cross and the Nail were both a custom ~ Both of these items were used in all crucifixions. Dr. Hackwork mentioned that we picture Jesus with a cross over one shoulder and trying to carry it. But in reality, it would have been that the cross was laid over his back with both sides being lifted by the arms of Jesus.

* The Title was a custom ~ When people were placed on the cross, a "title" was placed above them, so all who read this, knew why the person was crucified. Of course the title placed above Jesus stated "King of the Jews." This was written in Hebrew, Greek and Latin.

*(I missed what this was called) ~ The Romans were required to break the legs of those who hung on the cross, so they would die.  When the soldiers came to Jesus, He had already died, so they did not have to break His legs. * Dr. Hackwork mentioned here, that the piercing of the Jesus' side was not a custom. Many feel that the soldier who was suppose to break Jesus' legs may have been angry that he did not get to inflict this upon Him, so instead he took his anger out by stabbing Jesus in the side.

** Jesus was beaten, tortured and hanged on the cross, because God loves us.

In John 20:5-7 where it talks about the napkin was folded and separate from the other grave clothes, is a custom. What an amazing custom!~ When finishing up a meal in Jewish customs, the person folds their napkin if they are planning on coming back, so their place setting will not be removed.

Jesus folded the napkin that covered His face, and placed it away from the other linens. He showed that He was coming back!

Here are a few pictures I wanted to share~

This is the Goungampo family, missionaries to TOGO West Africa. They are singing in French. Mrs. Goungampo gave her testimony of being saved through the work of another missionary family to TOGO.

 These are the Whiteside Family (right) and the Roebecker Family(left) missionaries to the Ukraine. They are singing in Russian.

 This is the Ring Family, missionaries to Brazil, singing in Portuguese.

This is the Johnson Family. They are the directors of the Atlanta City Baptist Rescue Mission, in Atlanta.    This is Dr. Hackworth getting ready to preach the sermon "Customs". Before he began, he warned everyone to turn off all cell phones and other noise makers :)

This is a crown of thorns made from the Crown of Thorns that grow in Israel.

Have you wondered what missionary kids do while at a conference? Well, they do their best to have fun together. (I never could get a picture of the two little sisters~ they were all over the place, enjoying being around everyone. It must be nice to have that kind of energy.) This is a group shot of all the missionaries that are on deputation or furlough.