On Monday, I started a Bible study with some Facebook friends. We are studying the book of James. This is a twelve week study and I am so enjoying it. With all of us reading the same verses each day, we have all learned something different. (That is so neat!)  I have been blessed by reading some of the lessons that the ladies have learned.I have even learned a thing or two just from what they were saying. I have to be honest about joining this Bible study. When I first heard about it, I thought,"Hmm, something I might like to do." But I did not sign up to do it. Over a couple of days, I kept seeing an invite to join along with a link to learn more about the type of group and Bible study it would be. I looked through the link and said, "No way! I'm not doing this."

It was not until, I went to bed one night. I was laying there, my mind was running in a thousand different directions when I heard (not an audible voice) "You need this. I have done so much for you and you can't give an extra 15 minutes of your day to Me."  Let me tell you... I sat up in bed and went to my desk where my Bible was and told the Lord, "Okay, you have my attention. You have done so much for me and for my family. I can give you those extra 15 minutes to do this study."  When I finished praying, I went immediately and signed up for the Bible study.

I'm a little sad to say, that Satan has done a number on me since I've started this study. He has made it a point to whisper in my ear several times, "Who do you think you are? You'll have nothing to offer to these ladies." I have to keep asking my Lord, to keep Satan from me and stealing my joy.   You know, I did not join this Bible study to offer lessons to others.  I joined this study so I could learn. And boy, am I learning.