Our Life: Things Can be Worse

We have all asked what else is going to happen, can it get any worse one point or another. I’m sure there are many more ways to ask what else is there, but you know, no matter what we are experiencing at the moment in our life, things can be worse.

Even in the dark moments, it can get worse. But with the Grace of God, we can make it through. l frogslilypad.net

I received a phone call this morning from my husband on his way home from work. He had the 3 a.m. early shift because of the snow storm that blew through the area. When I answered all I could hear was the wind blowing, so I knew something was wrong. I didn’t expect to hear, I totaled out the truck. When the conversation ended, and I hung up the phone, all I could ask myself is what else is going to happen to our family.

No Matter What We Are Going Through Things Can Be Worse

After the phone call, Jamie and I had our Bible reading, we read in Isaiah. It was as if the Lord saved that chapter for me just for today because it was to have been read on Friday. When I began reading Isaiah 40:10-12 my discouragement began to lift. As my eyes scanned the page, the highlighted words from Isaiah 40:28-31 quickly pricked my heart. I knew what they said even before reading them. By the time we got down to those verses, the last little bit of worry and fear left.

He shall feed his flock like a shepherd l frogslilypad.net

I have a Heavenly Father who keeps me in His arms and carries me through all that I face. He knew what was going to happen today and my husband’s life was spared. He spared me and my son the turmoil of losing a husband and a father. And I am thankful for that! I do not have a Heavenly Father who sleeps or rests, He is in COMPLETE control over everything in our lives at ALL TIMES. He gives me strength to face the situations.

But they shall mount up with wings as eagles l frogslilypad.net

At this very moment, we are without a vehicle. The family truck needs a new wheel bearing (which will be worked on this week) and the old standby is now totaled. But you know what, it can be worse. Instead of answering the phone to hear my husband’s sweet voice, I could have been answering to an unfamiliar voice explaining my husband was injured or dead.

I praise the Lord for His protection on my husband! I praise the Lord for sparing me and my son horrible grief! I praise the Lord for keeping me in His arms and providing our every need!

With the Grace of God, We Can Make it Through Life's Hard Situations.