The Little Things in Life

We’ve all faced those moments when the words, If it’s not one thing, it’s ten, have rolled from our tongue without a second thought; a moment in time when everything seems to go wrong. No matter how we look at it, being thankful in everything is a little hard to swallow when the kitchen sink is not draining for whatever reason. It’s the Little Things in Life I’m thankful for today.

The Little Things in Life, we need to be thankful for. After this week and a kitchen sink drain with a mind of its own. I'm thankful for a sink that drains.

The Little Things in Life

I am guilty of saying those famous words from above. In fact, I said them several times earlier this week – all because of the kitchen sink; a sink with a drain that has a mind of its own.

Out of nowhere my sink decided to stop up. No matter how much boiling water I poured down the drain, that clog was not budging. Even after a bottle of drain cleaner being poured into the drain and sitting there for several hours, nothing seemed to work. The fear of calling a plumber flashed through my mind because just last spring, we made the dreadful call and were charged a 2 hour minimum for a 25 minute job to remove tree roots from our sewer line.

It wasn’t until I began praying the Lord would do something to clear that drain, that he brought to my remembrance, In every thing give thanks (1Thess 5:18). While both sides of my sink were four inches deep in water and nothing helped, it was not easy to be thankful. The thought hit me to clean the tub really well and let my dishes soak there. After filling the tub with water, I placed a pile of dishes there to soak and went on with cleaning the kitchen after a Chemistry experiment. About 10 minutes later, I noticed my sink slowly draining and then all of a sudden a loud gurgling noise and the water disappeared. I was a little surprised, so I turned the water on and it drained as if nothing had ever happened.

While I don’t know what happened to cause the sink to back up and drain so quickly after filling the tub, I do know the Lord answered a prayer. He drained that sink and he kept me from having to call a plumber. I am thankful for that answered prayer. I’m also thankful God knows me and how I am not always thankful during the bad times, but he loves and cares for me anyway and shows me by answering a simple prayer.

Today, I am thankful for The Little Things in Life like a sink that drains.

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