Jehovah Nissi -The Lord My Banner

Moses had a great responsibility as leader of 2 million people during the years of the Exodus. With that many people, there were bound to be problems. The Bible talks of grumbling over food and water several times and while those are worthy things to be upset about, grumbling is never the proper thing to do. Sometimes the Israelites had to go to battle for their survival and to take the land God promised to them. During those years, God knew what He was doing, and He became The Lord My Banner for His people.

Jehovah-Nissi, The Lord My Banner. Jesus is our Banner under which we can defeat the battles we face each day.

Jehovah - Nissi ~ The Lord My Banner

The Israelites found themselves up against Amalek. While Joshua led the battle, Moses was at the top of the hill with the rod of God in his hand. (Exodus 17:9) While the battle raged on, Moses held up his hands and Israel prevailed. When his hands lowered, Amalek prevailed. It is not possible for one to keep their arms up for long periods of time; Aaron and Hur helped by holding up the arms of Moses throughout the day. At sundown, Joshua and the Israelites won a great victory in this battle.

I can't help wondering if the people thought Joshua deserved a memorial in honor of his obedience and bravery; he deserved it, but none was built. Instead, Moses built an altar to honor the Lord, and he called it Jehovah-Nissi --The Lord My Banner.(Exodus 17:15)

Just like the Israelites, we face battles.  Some are God chosen while others are because we chose a different path than God's. Either kind of battle cannot be won in our own strength. We have to let the Lord - Jehovah-Nissi lead the way so we can trust on Him to win the victory.

Jesus Christ is our Banner. Let’s lift Him up daily because He will give us the perfect victory over every enemy.