Manna: A Symbol of Jesus

What a patient and loving God we serve. Even when we are weak in our faith and blaming others for situations which they are not responsible for, God sees and hears everything. He knows when to send those handfuls of purpose to help in strengthening our faith. When the Children of Israel least deserved a handful of purpose, God sent them manna. He provided a heavenly treasure to keep them from starving while on their journey. Today we have Manna – Jesus, satisfying a longing in our soul that can only be satisfied through Him.

Manna is a symbol of Jesus. He is the bread of life who gives our soul the nourishment it needs. We have the free will to choose or ignore Him. Thankful Thursdays at

Think about Jesus, white and pure from sin, and sweet as honey. God sent manna to feed the Children of Israel while they journeyed to the Promise Land. God sent Jesus Christ, His son to feed the soul of man on his journey to the Promise Land. While our physical bodies need different things to survive, our soul depends on only one thing and that is Jesus Christ, He is the Manna for our soul.

Manna: A Symbol of Jesus

Jesus is accessible to everyone. (John 1:29) The manna was on the ground every morning; all they had to do was pick it up, it was a free will gathering. Salvation is here today for anyone to partake of it; they have the free will to choose Jesus.

Manna had to be gathered every morning; it gave nourishment for the day. We need a daily walk with Jesus because the strength we receive today will not be enough for tomorrow. Renewing our mind with Jesus daily is essential to make it through the day.

There was a time limit was given on gathering manna each day. When the morning sun became hot, it melted. If it was not gathered before then, someone did without.  A time limit is set on the access to Jesus and salvation; one day it will be too late. (Hebrews 9:27)

Jesus, just as the manna, is an undeserved gift from God. God loved us enough to give His only Son to give us life eternal; all we have to do is reach out and take Him as our Saviour before it's too late. (John 6:35)

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