My Shield, My Glory and the Lifter Up of My Head

Last week, my husband and I were watching an episode of Forged in Fire. The bladesmiths were challenged to create a spiked shield that would withstand the different tests. They were tested for strength – reflecting of arrows shot from a crossbow, on killing – the cutting edge of the shield and the spike were to strike and penetrate the ballistics dummy, and sharpness – the spike had to withstand penetrating a metal drum without losing its sharpness or being damaged. In the end, only one shield passed all the tests.

My Shield - our Shield can withstand any and all tests like no other shield.

We can rejoice in knowing the same Shield who protected David is the same Shield who protects us. He is my Shield.Thankful Thursdays.

My Shield, My Glory, and the Lifter Up of My Head

David had his share of battles and I’m sure he appreciated the value of his shield against the enemy. In Psalm 3:3, David calls the Lord, my Shield. He had confidence in the Lord to protect him from anything that was thrown his way. We can rejoice in knowing the same Shield who protected David is the same Shield who protects us.

We can have confidence in the Shield.

As we read through the book of Psalms it is obvious that David put his trust in the Lord. He knew he could pray with all his heart and that God would listen. David rejoiced in the assurance of God’s shielding power and he even called Him, my Glory. When we find refuge under the wings of our Saviour, we can also call Him, my Glory.

Thou art my Glory forever.

When we look at David’s life, we see a man who God chose. David was sure of God’s power and of God’s purpose for his life. David gave God the rightful place as his Glory and he was lifted up above other kings of his day. When we give God the rightful place in our lives, He will lift us up for His service.

Know God, allow Him to work and He will lift you up.

Dear Heavenly Father, We are trusting You for our protection today; shield us for your sake. We are thankful for being able to call you our Glory. Lead us to lay all of our burdens at Your feet and leave them there, trusting You to lift us up to the place where You will have us. In Jesus' precious name, Amen.

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