My Thoughts on Our Country

A lot has happened on the soil of this great nation.

We’ve had the early settlers to come to make a better life and for the freedom of religion. We’ve had the Revolutionary War, where men (and women) took a stand to fight to become a free nation, to have a government ran according to God’s Word.

We’ve been honored to have men with great minds like George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Henry Ford, The Wright Brothers. These men worked to make this nation great or to bring modernization to our country and the whole world.

We even went through the pains of slavery and the Civil War. A war that put brothers on the opposite sides of the line. We’ve watched the struggles of many people as they tried to make a better life for their children and grandchildren. *To be counted an equal*

These are just a few things that I think makes this nation great. We are not a perfect nation. We are far from it. The vote on the new Healthcare Reform Bill is proof of that.

You know, it is really heart breaking when you think about what our country used to be – A GOD FEARING NATION.

Over the years we’ve allowed people to persuade us to vote for a specific political party, instead of seeking God’s guidance in how our country should be led. We’ve been falling for the lies these men and women speak, just so another party member will not be voted in. We’re trusting these same deceitful people to teach our children in the government schools. (Take a look at all the problems that are running ramped in those hallways and classrooms.)

We’ve opened our homes to “Hollywood.” We’ve allowed a certain cute and funny television show to be played in our homes, for the innocent eyes and ears of our children to take in. We’ve allowed music in that is so degrading and graphic, music that would have been banned from the air 20 years ago.

We’re allowing our children to grow up and think that a “certain lifestyle” is a natural born gene, instead of teaching them the truth – It’s a SIN! It’s an Abomination to God!

It’s easy to repair a building when the crumbling is on the outside. But if the crumbling is on the inside, it is only a matter of time when the building will fall.

I’m afraid our nation is that building. The wall of fearing God has been crumbling on the outside since we won our independence. We have had many men and women willing to work and make the repairs on the outside. I see our nation crumbling from the inside. I’m not trying to prophecy here, I’m not smart enough for that. But I do know what I see.

We’ve allowed our jobs, over due bills, politics, television and carting our children around from one activity to another to take our eyes off God. We are spending our Sundays and Wednesday nights at the ball field instead of having our families under the preaching of God’s Word. Because of this we are allowing our daughters to dress “not so dressed.” They are being taught, “Do what you want. You are far better than settling to be a homemaker and a mommy.” They are being taught to be proud about being pregnant at 14. They are being taught to kill an innocent child ~ hide the evidence of indiscretion. We have stopped teaching our boys to be men. We’ve taken away their pocket knives, Tonka trucks, their guns, bows & arrows and replaced them with the idea that it is okay to dress like, talk like, and act like a female. (Even the Brawny paper towel commercial has softened up that lumberjack!)

Our nation faces many problems. We are dealing with nations that hate us for the stand that we have taken with Israel and on terr*rism. You know what? I’m not worried. I am more concerned about what is happening on the inside of our nation ~ And so should you!

America, We need to wake up! We need to take back control over our families – turn off the television and radio. We need to hold our leaders responsible for the actions that they make for us citizens. Refuse to hire the ones who are against the Bible. Fire the ones who don’t stand behind their word!

Have mercy on America, Lord.