Obamacare - A Scary Thing!

As many of you know, I do not post many thoughts about politics. I just had to today. As an American citizen, I wish I would have really studied about the president we have. I DID NOT vote for him. I knew that he was not the kind of man I wanted in office. I really did not study up on everything that he said, he stood for. To tell the truth, I always listened to my husband on these types of things and then decided on what to think. I always lean towards what my husband is thinking.

Before I was married, I listened to what my parents said. Those were the Clinton days. When George W. Bush began the process of running for office, I listened to my husband. I knew what he stood for, so I had no real reason to dig into the internet to try and find anything that I could, that I did not agree with.

As for Obama, that is another story. He is a sneaky man(his followers, too) and knows how to sneak things in on our country, without Bible believing citizens even knowing about it.

Most Americans do not know what is even in his Healthcare Reform Plan, that is being shoved down our throats. Our Congressmen are being demanded to vote and pass this thing before August. Well today is August first, this thing is suppose to be voted on, sometime next week.

If you have not read this Plan, I urge you to read it. HERE is a link to the plan in layman's terms.

I will point out a few of things, that just rub me raw...

1. Our senior citizens are being shuffled to the back of the line for help in paying for healthcare bills, they are also going to have to have mandatory counseling on how to refuse food, water and healthcare. (A suicide plan)

2. Families are going to be required to limit their size and we are going to have Parenting classes from the government in our homes. (Mandatory Abortions?)

3. A National Medical Device Registry (A tracking device/mark of the beast?)

After you read this, you need to call, email or fax your Congressmen. The only way that this is going to be stopped, is if Americans stand up for ourselves. It is not too late.