Our Day and Sunday Night

We are getting a late start on our day. Since we had been out visiting a church last night, I decided to let us sleep in. So we will be doing our schooling this afternoon, after lunch.

We had a really good visit at Heritage Baptist Church. The pastor and I grew up in church together. He and his wife are a rare find. They truly love the Lord and their church members. They don't want to be just a Preacher and a Preacher's wife, but a Pastor and a Pastor's wife.

It is really sad to see that some churches don't have a Pastor, they have a Preacher. Is there a difference? Yes. A Pastor is someone who will be there for the members at any time. He will lift them up to the Lord in prayer daily. He will use the Bible to help guide them through their storms they are facing. He is there to listen to them, when they need to talk. He takes on the stress of trying to be a leader to a group of people, that he wants to see grow in the Lord. He is an encourager. A Preacher is someone who is there to preach a message, but is not there to help support the members.

As for the wives, they will follow their husbands (hopefully).