Our Camping Trip

Here are a few pictures of our camping trip this week. Here's my Firestarter! Since being married we have gone from cooking on a camp stove, to cooking over an open fire. Let me tell you, I really enjoy it more. It's something that you don't do often, so when you get a chance, it's a lot of fun.

   Monkey didn't waste any time getting his fishing rod and getting down to the river.

This was his first time trout fishing and he loved it.

I call this~ "One Last Marshmallow"

Here's Monkey with some of his reward. Two trout! Ain't he cute?


 The next pictures are of some of the beauty that God has given to us to enjoy~

I can't wait to see these again in the fall with all the color of the leaves.
There's a man in this picture fishing. You have to look a little to find him.
If you don't see him, he as at the bottom, near the guardrailing.


 I thought this was funny! You see many signs like this out west, but not here in Georgia.

So when I saw it, I had to have a picture.