Our Weekend and Homeschool on a Holdiay!?

I am so excited about today. I love Chick-fil-A! They have the best chicken sandwiches around. They have a free promo for today, "A free chicken sandwich by wearing a sports team logo."

As soon as my husband gets home from the hunting land, we will all be donning our favorite team logo attire. My husband will be wearing his UGA cap, my son will be wearing his Ga Tech shirt and I'll be wearing the Montana Grizzlies shirt. What a family right? I have to tell you - I am not really one to wear anything sports related - it's just not me. But since we have a Montana shirt, I'll be wearing it. I'm only doing it for a FREE chicken sandwich - really!

We had a really good weekend here. On Saturday, my husband worked, he has a part time job with Chico's. So Monkey and I spent most of our time at home. We did go to town to the vitamin store to pick up some vitamins for my husband. On the way back home, we stopped at McDonald's. I can't remember the last time we have eaten out anywhere, so this was a special treat for us. Yeah, I know McDonald's?

I spent most of the afternoon sewing on a quilt top. I'm working on a queen size rag quilt. I can't believe how easy this quilt to put together. I was hoping to have it finished on Saturday, but I took a break and made some cookies.

On Sunday, we really had a good day. I can't remember if I mentioned that our Pastor resigned in June, so we have been having men come in and candidate. My husband preached yesterday. He did such a good job, if I say so myself. The morning message was entitled,"Nehemiah's Impossible Task" and the evening sermon was entitled," Not for Sale." The was no doubt that the presence of the Lord was felt in church yesterday.

Just as soon as I finish here, we are going to work on some school work. I know, I know today's a holiday. Like I told Monkey  earlier, that we are planning on going camping in a couple of weeks, so I want to make sure that we stay ahead of our work, so we can spend some quality quiet time together.