Primitives and a Sign

If you've read my blog over the past year, you may have noticed where I mentioned primitive decor. Well, I'm not one to sit and craft all day long, six days a week. In fact, there are times when I don't touch any of my crafting. Sadly, that includes my knitting. These are just some of the items, I made last year and sold on Etsy.

~ Cupid's Arrows~


~Pip Berry Spoon Wall Hanger~


~Sugar Cookie Candles~

My favorite item to make - CANDLES!


I made this pillow last spring after looking at several wool pillows and their prices and decided to give it a try with felt. It turned out really cute and it is now sitting in my Great Grandmother's chair along with my Maw Maw's Bible.


I was a little surprised to come across a primitive section in an Ace Hardware store in a city not too far from here. Honestly, I did not buy anything because everything was made in China. But I did get some ideas for my shop. If I'm going to buy primitive/colonial items, I'm going to support a Made in the USA small business.

Since we've moved and people actually see our front door, I decided it was time to make a year round sign. I'm not one for changing every month, so when I took my Christmas moose off the door, I knew I wanted something to stay until at least spring. Last week, we stopped at the lumber store in Miles City and picked up an 8 foot piece of spruce 1x4.  I already knew how I want the actual wood to look, and knew how I was going to accomplish it. Yes, I'm a planner!

My friend Pamela at Our Pioneer Homestead has a super easy tutorial on making wood look old. You can find it HERE.  Now, I'm one who likes easy, so I searched high and low for a better way to paint my "Welcome Friends" on the wood. I really dislike the idea of cutting out all the letters and keeping up with all the little fillers for some of the letters. So when I found THIS tutorial on how to paint on letters, I was hooked!

Here's the finished product~


Have a great weekend!