Reading List for 2014-2015

We started back to school on Monday. I had several friends and family members say, "Already?" when I mentioned it to them. Yes, it's July and Jamie makes sure he jokingly tells me that I am making him go to school in the middle of summer. Since we are now in the high school years, I wanted to start with a year round schedule so we could work without feeling rushed. The state of Montana has very relaxed laws that don’t require a set amount of days, but hours. If everything goes according to plan, there's a good possibility Jamie can graduate high school early.

Reading List 2014-2015

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I wanted to share our reading list for this year and will warn you it's a doozy! Our literature books are all classics which I have read except for one. I decided since there will be A LOT of reading this year, to read aloud Uncle Tom's Cabin so I could enjoy the book also.  After five days of reading, we both are enjoying it. I'm really impressed with Lightning Literature after looking through the workbook, not only will there be a study over classic books, but there are also short stories and poetry.


For World Geography, the list is L-O-N-G! Several are children's books, but will bring something to the table about their subject. I love the option to  pick and choose which books to read. After seeing this list, I'm a little nervous, but if something doesn't go according to plan, there is enough here to fill in any gaps.





As you can see, our year is full of reading.