Recent Lessons I Have Learned

Yesterday was the end of our seventh week of school. I’m amazed at how fast these past weeks went by, but I’m even more amazed that September will be here next week; time is marching right along. Did you know that there are 117 more days until Christmas? Yeah, I don’t like to be reminded of it either, but just in case, I laid it out there for ya. With all that is going on, here are some LESSONS I HAVE LEARNED the past few weeks.

Recent Lessons I Have Learned: Fire Smoke, Job, Chemistry, Technology, Dish Detergent and a Yapping Dog, I've learned lessons from them all.

Lessons I Have Learned

For several weeks now, we have had to deal with the smoke from the fires in western Montana, Idaho, and Washington. The last two summers we had a little smoke, but I’m thinking this summer has been the worst since we’ve been here. I’ve learned that fire smoke is just as bad as the smog back home in Atlanta and it wreaks havoc on my sinuses.


This past Monday, I learned that starting a part time job wears you out very quickly after being at home full-time for over ten years. Being on my feet for 4 ½ hours caused me to forget everything when I got home until the next morning. I was told there was a snore festival going on in the living and they hated to wake me to get in bed. So, I slept on the sofa and never slept so good.


Over the past seven weeks, I learned while scratching my head learning Chemistry and WORRYING over not being able to help my son that he was doing just fine the whole time. He is whizzing right along after watching videos from VHG and Ck-12.


Living in the day of technology can be a little daunting for me. With the need of a scientific calculator for Chemistry, I quickly learned you need a Ph.D. in Technology to see, read, and understand the microscopic font found in the book that came with said calculator. But let the 15-year-old pick up the calculator for the first time and all equations he enters comes out correctly. Just how did he do that without even looking at the book?


This past week, I learned the makers of Dawn dishwashing liquid need to forget about scents like the Fuji Cherry Blossom. I usually like a cherry scent in certain products, but for some reason, this one doesn’t do it for me. I can see the two bottles I bought becoming an artesian well of never ending detergent for the next 5 years. ;)


I never thought I would learn to love having an indoor dog, but I have since our sweet Mikey came to us last November. Up until two weeks ago, he has rarely barked except for his one bark to come back in the house from being outside. One morning, I noticed more barking coming from him and I was surprised. It wasn't until I looked out the window and saw Mikey looking towards the neighbor's house, that was when I saw and heard the neighbor’s little yapper teaching Mikey to bark back at him. I’ve learned while I don’t like yapping dogs, being the owner of a yapper is worse than dealing with a neighboring yapper, but I love him anyway.


Are there lessons you have learned recently?