Revealing Secrets

The new school year brought excitement and hope for me because I was returning to the level I loved teaching; first grade. Things went well for the first week of school, but after that, the flood gates seemed to open with one student. I knew about him well before he walked through the door, in fact, everybody knew of this little one and the horror stories that followed behind him. But yet, no one really seemed to grasp the real reason behind those stories. Dysfunction is the only word anyone wanted to use. After meeting with the parents, it was more than just dysfunction. It was neglect, selfishness, and just being too busy for this little active mind that needed the extra support. When I left the meeting that afternoon, I hung my head in defeat. All I could do was pray for the revealing of secrets.

The list I had for disciplinary actions would not work. The last one on the list, the one I dreaded the most was used only one time. I shed a few tears because I knew there had to be a better way. Little arms wrapped around me when he saw my tears and with a soft, trembling voice he said, “Mrs. Tullis, I am sorry to make you cry and for being bad.” He was not bad; he was a normal, active boy who begged for attention and love.

Frog's Lilypad: Revealing Secrets - We have a God in heaven who will reveal secrets.

Revealing Secrets

When our enemy pours out the impossibilities what are we to do? We are to go to God in prayer and open our Bible and read it. Read the promises found there and the comforting words of Daniel, There is a God in heaven that revealeth secrets. (Daniel 2:28) We are to meditate on the reassuring words of God, before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear (Isaiah 65:24) and whatever you ask me in my name, I will do it. (John 14:13-14). We need faith in the Lord when we go to Him in prayer. (Hebrews 11:6)

During those moments when there seems to be no answer, what are we to do? Are we supposed to act as people without faith, a light, and discernment? NO, because we have a LIGHT who we are to put our faith in and use the discernment in which He gives. We cannot act as those caught in a whirlpool of doubt. We have a God who will reveal secrets; all we need to do is go to Him.

Hand over your impossibilities so God can make them possibilities.

With a little time, the secrets I needed were revealed for this precious little boy. Lend a listening ear. Draw him in closer even during the good times. Be an encourager. Just show him love. Our days were not always happy and harmonious. We went to the Lord together, so he could hear me talk to God about him. I wanted him to know I cared. I gave God what seemed impossible and He returned a possible.

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