My Salvation, My Strength, and My Song

Driving over 1,700 miles is not the most enjoyable thing to do; especially when you’re moving. It’s not so rough when you have time to stop and sight see. But when your truck and a moving truck are full of household and personal items, sightseeing is out of the question. That means stopping and stretching legs comes when a truck needs to be filled up and windows washed. The nice thing about having a teen driver is they experience the “thrill” of driving across country on roads and highways that are not jammed packed with cars.

Then, there’s the hubs who refuses to stop in the last 950 mile leg of the trip to sleep. The last stretch includes I-70 through Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. A road jam-packed with cars at all hours of the day. That means the teen is enjoying his trip with eyelids closed and no stress of cars whizzing around us. It’s amazing what 4 years in a town of fewer than 150 people will do to your driving confidence.

Frog's Lilypad: My Salvation, My Strength, and My Song

My Salvation, My Strength and My Song

Magnificent victory is found in the name My Strength and My Song. With Jesus, He is our strength when we need it. He is our song when we sing praises to Him. Do we appreciate what Jesus does for us? Do our actions show this appreciation to others?

We are travelers on life’s journey, and our experiences vary each day. The Lord knows this and He has prepared wells of salvation in just the right locations. At the foot of Troublesome Hill, we find a well. A well with preparation to help us up the hill so we will see life in the sweet, green valley waiting for us on the other side. In the middle of Desperation Desert, there’s a well full of refreshing water for our parched lips and throats. Here we can take our fill and continue on until we are in shady green pastures.

He is my Salvation

Don’t assume your well is far away. Don’t go on a wandering trip in search for it because it is near. In fact, it is probably right at your feet – look around where you are standing. Have the faith to reach out and take the refreshing cup and be blessed.

Once we are off that hill or out of the desert we need to remember to praise the name of Jesus because without Him we would never have made it.

He is my Strength

It didn’t take me long to acclimate to the thousands of vehicles whizzing around us during our trip. My nerves were in a jumble and there were times I had to dip from a well. They were right there when I was in need and I didn’t have to go looking for them. One of those was at 2 AM when my son drove the last 100 miles which included the 75-285-85 interchanges in Atlanta. If you know anything about those interchanges, then you know there is a reason to be awake and alert while on them. I was surprised when I opened my eyes to find we were only 20 miles from my parents' and I slept right those interchanges. I missed the whole stomach in my throat experience.

He is my Song

The Lord takes care of every situation and we can thank Him for that. I’m also thankful for young driver’s confidence.

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