Being Thankful During the Christmas Season

Keeping the thankful spirit during the Christmas season is hard for many. The added stress from spending extra money on top of the already mountain of stress from everyday life with marriage, work, and bills; it can be mind boggling. When we focus on the real reason there is Christmas we can become a little more at ease. Without Christ there would be no Christmas, there would be no reason to celebrate. We need to work at being thankful during the Christmas season.

4 Tips to Staying Thankful During the Christmas Season.

4 Tips to Being Thankful During the Christmas Season

Turn off the TV– many commercials are aimed at children. The makers and advertising companies know when a commercial is seen by a child they are going to ask repeatedly for something until a parent gives in.

Be upfront and truthful – there is nothing wrong with children knowing there’s a limit to Christmas spending. Children need to learn at an early age that money doesn’t go that far when they are writing a wish list.

Focus on the elderly – whether they are church members, family members or strangers there are many shut-ins and nursing homes full of elderly people just wanting someone to reach out and care for them. Preparing little goody bags with lotion, Chap Stick, mints, and tissues will bring a spirit of thankfulness during the season of giving. While you think you may be blessing someone else, don’t be surprised when you are blessed by just holding a hand and listening to someone.

Help a needy family – your local church and schools know of families who are truly in need. You may even know of a family who you could bless this season.  When I was teaching school, several classes adopted a family. My 5th grade class along with the 6th grade class went in together and bought presents for a young man their age. Watching the excitement on those students’ faces when they brought in money and items was amazing. They knew there were others not as well off as they were but actually doing something about it blessed those kids more than anything I had seen at that time.

The Christmas season is not easy, but it can be easier if we keep our focus on the real reason – Jesus Christ!

4 Tips to Staying Thankful During the Christmas Season.

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